The terrible side effects of smoking – hair loss

It’s fairly common knowledge that smoking and tobacco products can cause some serious health problems.  A definite relationship between smoking and hair loss has not exactly been proven but there is plenty of evidence that the disruption of circulation in the body can be an underlying cause.  Tobacco contains nicotine which is responsible for constricting blood vessels. It would be very wise for you to have a good long think about stopping smoking and the various stop smoking products like the ecig, nicotine patches and gum that are available for you to try.

Hair loss from smoking

Hair loss from smoking

The carbon monoxide in the smoke reduces the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood and also restricts the movement of nutrients to each cell.  In order to see the effect of poor circulation, squeeze your nail bed until it becomes white.  Release and see how long it takes to return to its normal colour.  It should take less than 2 seconds.  Now time how long it takes just after you smoke a cigarette and you will see a big difference.

In order to function properly, hair follicles need to receive enough oxygen, nutrients and minerals.  Due to the effect of smoking on the body’s general blood circulation, it is obvious that this will be compromised and the hair follicles will not get everything they need in order to produce normal hair growth. This scenario would not happen if you decided to join a growing trend of cigarette smokers and try a electronic cigarette UK with all of the different flavour options

Another possible theory surrounding the connection between smoking and hair loss is based on the overall health concerns related to smoking.  Smoking causes a number of serious medical problems and can impair the function of the various systems in the body.  The organs of an unhealthy body cannot function properly which can lead to an increase in toxins, poisons, infections, bacteria and more to make their way through the whole body.  These harmful substances can then have a negative effect on the hair follicles and hair growth can become inhibited.

Aging, going grey and hair loss

Smoking is known to speed up the aging process and hair loss is a common symptom of aging.  Smokers are already aware of the fact that they are likely to develop wrinkles, facial discolouration and grey hair.  The facts speak for themselves and if you want to change this damage you might want to try a e cigarette starter kit from a reputable ecigarette online store. According to recent studies, premature hair loss could possibly also be a symptom of premature aging seen in smokers.  A Leigh Infirmary researcher in Lancashire, England noticed a significantly higher rate of hair loss and grey hair in smokers and reported that smokers are twice as likely to lose their hair or go grey by a certain age.  This was published in the British Medical Journal, December 21, 1996.

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